Chasing The Wabbit

A blog about someone AMAZING. Unfortunatly this ones about me


It’s so frustrating to find a band. I mean seriously, i’m trying to find other members to play music but they can only play “intruments”. Theres a difference between playing an “Intrument” and playing “music”. Instrument means you know how to make sounds come out of a guitar. Ha come. I’m childish shutupp
While music is knowing what note should come after or so to speak. It’s just hard to find other like minded members.

Then you got lables and gigs. I can’t get anywhere because i don’t have a band, and i can’t go solo because my voice isn’t strong enough to divide the attention near me. So i’m stuck composing in front of my computer then switching to gay porn ever half over. Like sweet zombie jesus i’m in a paradox like the English langauge. All i can do is pray to you’re religions god and hope i find some members to join me in a gangba- fuck i mean band.

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